Monday, March 19, 2012

Cheated Out of Winter

As many of you know, the weather in these here parts (New England) was very mild as far as winters usually go. I think collectively we may have had eight or so inches of snow this year, that probably only stuck around for a collective four or five days.

I am a creature of the cold, I think. I'd MUCH rather it be cold, and I can wear a sweater or something, rather than it be hot and I can only get so naked before I'm out of cost saving options. Yes, I have air conditioners, but I'd rather they were off.

I can't REALLY complain, since I didn't spend nearly as much money this year on oil as I did last year, so I can accept the sucky winter (good thing, huh?)

But still, I can't help but feel disappointed by mother nature. What a wimpy winter.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Five, Five... uh, Five, Five... And, um...Five.

So, I'm drinking today. Beer. Exellent beer, which I'm about to review over at my other blog, so if you're wondering what it is, gimmie about 20 minutes after THIS post, and mozy on over.

I thought this was cool... I was thinking yesterday that every time I look at my speedometer, it's at an interesting number like, 88888 or something like that.

Then today, as I'm logging in to write my beer review before I'm too inebriated, I see this:

Monday, March 12, 2012

Stick I.T. - Disk 2

As an I.T. guy it's sometimes incredible to me how out of their element some folks can be when it comes to computers, particularly in situations where the computer pops up a message and actually tells you exactly what it needs.

 There are also times when you'll say something like "OK, now there should be an "OK" button, do you see it?" and they'll say "Yes, what should I do, click it?"... There have been times when I tried to inject a little of my typical smartassery, only to have it go over their heads as well, which really rankles.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Is it Just Me??

Why can't I seem to find a 12 cup drip coffee maker that doesn't dribble coffee down the carafe when I pour a cup, leaving a puddle of coffee on the counter? The last four I've had do this, and it's freaking mind boggling! Different styles, different models, different manufactures... SAME problem!

We have satellites that can see the color of the dust on a moth's wings, but we can't design a god damned coffee pot (for less than $80 anyway) that doesn't dribble?

Why can't we figure out how to design a pump-action soap bottle that doesn't leave the last table spoon of soap in the bottle? I don't want to have fiddle with the damned bottle and slap the bottom to get the end of the damned soap. I paid for 12 oz of soap, but I gotta work up a sweat for that last ounce?

I have trouble understanding how at this point in time, it's still lucrative for spammers to continue to send spam. How is it that there are really still people who click these ads? I mean, I know they do, I'm an I.T. guy and have to clean it up all the time, but really? There is no Nigerian prince who needs your help. Don't give him your bank account info...

Why is it every time you find a pencil with a good eraser, the tip constantly breaks easily? The tips that never break? No erasers!

Why can't they make a medicine that tastes good?

Shouldn't these things be possible by now? Is it just me who thinks this?

Friday, March 2, 2012

Free Credit Reports are a Pain in the Ass!

Why is it such a pain in the ass to get a look at one's own credit report?

Sites that offer free credit reports often have a fine print that says you'll be charged in a month if you don't cancel right away, but for your convenience, they'll monitor your credit and alert you when something happens. Yeah, that's nice and all, but I just wanna know where I stand right now!

Honest, who is looking at their credit reports the most? The people with bad credit who are trying to fix it, and the people who are providing these reports are making it more difficult for that to happen!

"Hey Bill, what's the best way to make money with this credit report site of ours?"

"Well... I was thinking, the folks coming to find out about their reports are probably trying to fix it for some reason or another, so they must be pretty bad with money. Let's screw them over as best we can, they're clearly an easy target."

All I want to do is find out how I'm doing, but I have to jump through all these freakin hoops, some of which I'm not even aware of! You can easily sign up for free online, and you HAVE to provide a credit card, but to cancel you have to call them, tell them why you're canceling, verify all your information, and EVEN STILL you might get charged. This happened to us recently.

"Oh, well when you signed up, you agreed to open TWO accounts, one for the credit report access, and the other for credit monitoring."

I had to tell the guy "That's ridiculous and misleading, and I want this charge reversed."

To which he replied, "I understand completely. I can bring that price down from $15 a month to $7 a month, and you..."

I thought you just said you understood?

I had to talk to his supervisor, who said "I'm sorry sir, we do not offer refunds, but I've canceled further charges. Is there anything else I can do for you today?"

To which I said, "Yeah, you can reverse this charge."

"Ok sir, I can make a one time exception in this case and reverse that charge."

WTF!? Is there a specific number of times you have to ask before they say ok? This person told me it was impossible, only to tell me in the next breath that she'd go ahead and do it!

Perhaps they do understand completely... They just don't care!