Memories of Nintendo

I was very young when Nintendo hit the scene in 1985. I don’t remember when I got mine, but in 85, I was six years old. I THINK I bought mine when I was nine or ten…

That’s right, I said “I bought mine”. I saved my allowance, $5 a week until I had enough to buy it. It took me a long time, and I remember stuffing those five dollar bills into an empty coffee can, until it was practically bursting.

Stop doing the math, it’s only around 24 five dollar bills back then, so no, the can wasn’t bursting… Just indulge me here. These memories are over twenty years old, I have to put some polish on them.

I played some serious Nintendo in my life, and it’s incredible the things I picked up from these video games that most people still know today. Anyone who played Nintendo knows Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right B, A, Select, Start. I still contend that the first “Final Fantasy” was the best of the bunch too. …how many FINAL fantasies can there be? Not very final, are they, I think they’re up to like, 16 or something…

Anyway, I was emailed by a nice young lady who asked if I’d be interested in sharing an info-graphic about Nintendo. I told her I’d love to see it, and just poking through it, a flood of memories came in!

So whether you played Nintendo, or not, this information is pretty amazing!

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  • Lucy Ball

    I decided to rename your blog post. “Nintendo Nostalgia” because I <3 alliteration. You're welcome. 😉

    • Matt Conlon

      I wish I’d thought of that when I was writing! I write a lot of nostalgia, but never seem to actually say the word!

  • Uncle Skip

    I Loved the first Final Fantasy… and I wasn’t a pre-teen. I also like FFII but never got to play it all of the way through before the grandkids took over the Nintendo.

    • Matt Conlon

      FF2 and FF3 were both good games in their own right, (rite?) but they really sort of became something entirely different…

      I heard they’d re-released the first as part of a compilation CD for some game system or another, and I was excited to hear that they left everything exactly as it was EXCEPT they made it possible to buy more than one potion at a time.

  • sarcastictestguy

    Excellent PR! I liked the first FF out of all of them; I liked the first Zelda the best; I liked the first Dragon Warrior the best; the first Ice Hockey game was by far, the most entertaining.

    For me, simplicity in control and a good story are far, far better things to have than “realistic” graphics, and appealing to a broader audience is definitely the route to success! Good memories.

    • Matt Conlon

      Crap, I forgot to write about Zelda, and how when I got that game, my mother completely monopolized my NES until she beat it… She beat that game LONG before I did…

  • Shannon Lawrence

    That last stat about them being so popular because they make games for people who aren’t just gamers makes a lot of sense. I’ve always liked Nintendo, and I’ve never been drawn to the other game systems (though we have them for my hubby). Not that I get time to play any of them these days (other than to exercise on the Wii sometimes…ha!). Interesting graphic. My 7 year old son has my original Nintendo system, if you can believe it. Most of the games no longer work, though.

    Thanks for all the questions on the A-to-Z co-host questionnaire!

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse

    • Matt Conlon

      Heya Shannon, thanks for stopping by! I can’t wait for the A to Z this year! 🙂

    • MattConlon

      Wow. For some reason, I JUST got notification about this reply in my email today.

  • Eric Stallsworth

    Gotta love the Nintendo nostalgia, Matt. I agree with you on the whole FF thing. I liked the first one but none after. Thanks for the cool trip down memory lane.