Monday, July 2, 2012

Blogger vs. Wordpress

As you may or may not know, I've got other blogs, one of which is I used to host it here at Blogger, and then moved it to a different CMS (Content Management System - prepackaged website template), and subsequently flipped it over to Wordpress...

I have to say, I like Wordpress a little bit better than I do Blogger.

I find that Blogger is a bit more basic, which in and of itself isn't a BAD thing... But I feel like I have much more control over the site at Wordpress.

A friend of mine hosts the site, instead of just signing up for free hosting at This allows me to use a ton of different "plugins" and widgets and so on.

I also like that anyone can comment if they supply a name, their email address and a website (the website is optional).

The development of the plugins and such seem great, everything is up to date, everything works, etc. So far, there's nothing that I get here at blogger, that I don't get at wordpress, and I think the themes are nicer looking at WP.

That said, I think blogger gives you a little more control over the theme itself, though I haven't explored all of the options at WP yet...

I DO like the "follow" widget here at Blogger though. I'm trying to see if I can get a widget like the "Follow" one here for blogger users, but I don't think Google is interested in that anymore... They seem to be forcing everyone to just use instead. That said, I have a plus account, so no biggie.

I was shocked how incredibly easy it was to import an entire blogger blog to WP. I migrated one site to WP in less than ten minutes, and had it looking the way I want it in just another ten minutes.

Have you checked out Wordpress at all recently? What are your thoughts?