Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A to Z Blog Challenge 2012 - Commercials of Olde

Once upon a time here in New England, there was a television channel who cared enough about it's audience that it aired commercials specifically for the betterment and education of the viewers, without a thought of profits and losses. These commercials were Public Service Announcements, and to this day, twenty-five plus years after watching them, I still remember most of them verbatim. Though intended to be educational, they are actually rather humorous if you ask me.

Thank goodness for youtube and the users who (for some reason) had this PSAs taped... Have a stroll down memory lane with me to the mid 80s, won't you?

I remember seeing this one and thinking "Boy that older kid is in lots of trouble!" The "'87" would put me at 8 years old, if it were after September.

I don't actually remember this one, but the "This is serious!" I think carried over to "Wonder Pets". 

This one I completely forgot about until poking around on youtube

I remember when I realized what Bugs was saying in this one "So kids don't get more than a treat." I felt dumb, cause I had wondered what kids were getting more "dematreet"... 

I STILL can't understand what the kid says in this one... "Just having one isn't enough. Kids should stronis tonis smoke to take to make!" ... WHA??? Help me out here!

Ah, "something planned which is, tomato cheese sandwiches". Much like the Bugs Bunny one, I had a hard time picking out the words on this one too... NOW I understand this one. There were a bunch of these guy.

Just listening to this guy it's VERY clear, this was a New England (or more specifically Boston) commercial. Unfortunately, they disabled embedding in this one, but I recommend checking it out anyway.

Well, I think I've spent enough of your time here, and I can't find some of my favorite ones from back then. There was "Big Cheese and the Food Groupies" and one about brushing your teeth where a horse was talking to a mouse who had a toothache. The horse kept saying "Oh, horse-feathers!"

Do you remember any of these?