Friday, April 13, 2012

#atozchallenge - Larrys

So I've been drinking today, and realized about 1/3 into the bottle of whiskey that I had no "l" post lined up, so here I am, so as not to disappoint.

However. Typing is like, really hard right now.

So I thought about L words, and I bet a BAJILLION and SIX people are going to do Love. Like too, and how it pertains to Facebook and social media. Loser will pop up a few times, and maybe even lice.

Larry has been a name that I always kinda liked, in that "I like these strange names" sort of context. I have a cat named Larry, one of the "barn" cats who lives outside and eats moles and squirrels because I thought it was such an unusual name for a cat. There's also a "Mark" out there too. Perhaps I'll talk about him tomorrow.

Anyway, this post isn't about cats. It's about some famous Larrys.  
I've often wondered... Was "Larry" from the 3 Stooges ever anyone's favorite stooge? I mean, Moe was in charge, I'm sure there were fans of Moe, and Curley... Well, who doesn't like Curley? Shemp... eh... different story, and I'm not even county Curley Joe. But Larry... I don't remember any great skits of just Larry. I remember Curley getting squirted in the eye by a clam in his chowder, and pulling wires out of a pipe, thinking they were bathroom plumbing pipes. Moe was always hitting someone for being stupid or impersonating Hitler. But... Larry?

He was always there, but...

 And then of course, there's Larry the Cable Guy. One wonders if he's ever really installed Cable. I haven't seen him do it. Have you?
 Larry Bird of course. Who could forget a face like that... 

Then, Larry Hagman

The rest of my google results only yielded a bunch of old white guys two black, and one Asian, none of whom I recognized, and Michele Obama while on Larry King, but none of Larry King himself until a bit later, which I find interesting.

Do you know any Larrys we should all know about??