Monday, March 5, 2012

Is it Just Me??

Why can't I seem to find a 12 cup drip coffee maker that doesn't dribble coffee down the carafe when I pour a cup, leaving a puddle of coffee on the counter? The last four I've had do this, and it's freaking mind boggling! Different styles, different models, different manufactures... SAME problem!

We have satellites that can see the color of the dust on a moth's wings, but we can't design a god damned coffee pot (for less than $80 anyway) that doesn't dribble?

Why can't we figure out how to design a pump-action soap bottle that doesn't leave the last table spoon of soap in the bottle? I don't want to have fiddle with the damned bottle and slap the bottom to get the end of the damned soap. I paid for 12 oz of soap, but I gotta work up a sweat for that last ounce?

I have trouble understanding how at this point in time, it's still lucrative for spammers to continue to send spam. How is it that there are really still people who click these ads? I mean, I know they do, I'm an I.T. guy and have to clean it up all the time, but really? There is no Nigerian prince who needs your help. Don't give him your bank account info...

Why is it every time you find a pencil with a good eraser, the tip constantly breaks easily? The tips that never break? No erasers!

Why can't they make a medicine that tastes good?

Shouldn't these things be possible by now? Is it just me who thinks this?