Monday, March 19, 2012

Cheated Out of Winter

As many of you know, the weather in these here parts (New England) was very mild as far as winters usually go. I think collectively we may have had eight or so inches of snow this year, that probably only stuck around for a collective four or five days.

I am a creature of the cold, I think. I'd MUCH rather it be cold, and I can wear a sweater or something, rather than it be hot and I can only get so naked before I'm out of cost saving options. Yes, I have air conditioners, but I'd rather they were off.

I can't REALLY complain, since I didn't spend nearly as much money this year on oil as I did last year, so I can accept the sucky winter (good thing, huh?)

But still, I can't help but feel disappointed by mother nature. What a wimpy winter.