Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Merry CHRISTMAS Whether You Celebrate it or Not!!!

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Let me start this post by saying, I'm not a very religious person. Honestly, I'm not even a little religious. I posted about it at the beginning of the year here, if you're interested, and my only other religion-based post, is here. I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on either or both.

I usually try to stay clear of religion as a subject, because those who are devout have made up their minds, and will never listen to a thing a secular person has to say. Not only have they made up their minds, but they sometimes want to make up your mind as well. Religion aside, my believes / opinions are my own, and I'll share them if you like, but I'll never force them on another person, thus I expect the same. I get very irritated when someone tells me their beliefs are fact, and that I'm wrong, so I don't do it to others. I make sure to say things like "In my opinion" when saying things, or I just don't say anything.

Christmas: The birthday celebration of Jesus, as least as far as the Christians are concerned. Originally, it had nothing to do with Jesus or Christianity, but it made for a hell of a marketing gimmick, so they changed it.

Now, before you start rolling your eyes at yet another "Christians stole pagan holidays" post (which I HAVE done in the past), I'm not going to bother here... There's enough controversy around the fact (note, I didn't call it an idea though... ;) ) so believe what you will. The fact remains, there was a year end celebration long before Jesus. Jesus came (allegedly) and now there's no year end celebration for the pagans... Coincidence??

ANYWAY. My beef here is that MOST of the world recognizes Christmas at LEAST as a holiday where kids get gifts from a fat guy who spies on us when we're sleeping. Everyone knows what Christmas is, and every one's heard of the Christmas spirit, even if they've never shared in it. It's the spirit if giving, good will, blahblahblah.

My daughter goes to school with a Jehovah's witness, which I have no problem with, whatsoever. To each his or her own. My problem is that if we decide to give greeting cards out, they can't say "Christmas" on them. When the kids get a day to watch a movie, it can't be The Grinch, so they had to watch "Babe". BABE? C'mon. This poor kid couldn't participate in the Thanksgiving play, because of his religion. Thanksgiving?? What does religion have to do with Thanksgiving? Granted I know nothing about Jehovah's witness...ism? but is being thankful against the doctrine? Perhaps they don't celebrate Christmas, but I'm willing to bet they wont be sitting in the classroom on the 25th!

I am not religious, as I've said, but I celebrate Christmas. If there was a Jesus, and it was his birthday, cheers. If there wasn't, then you know what? I've worked my rump (pa pum pum) off all god damned year, I deserve some cologne and candy canes, and so do you. The vast majority is Christian, thus, when in Rome...

But hey! If you're (insert other religion here), and you want to wish me a happy (C)Hanukhah, or Kwanza, or whatever! I'm perfectly fine with that, I will smile happily (I won't even have to fake a smile!) and return the greeting. I don't immediately think you're trying to convert me, I don't believe you're trying to wish me your greeting instead of mine in an attempt to squash mine, etc... I just believe you're wishing me the same peace, love and happiness you feel when you celebrate your holiday, and I thank you.

I am rather upset that because of ONE person's religious views, MY child is denied the observation of perhaps the LEAST religiously precised of Christian holidays. I say that because the religious observe it, and the secular do as well... You don't see crosses hanging in department stores, you see merchandise. You want me to refrain from wishing you a happy Ash Wednesday, that's fine, I won't. But if you can't buy into Christmas because of it's diminished religious ties, leave the people who do, alone, and just let them wish you good will how they know best.