Friday, October 14, 2011

Blog Hop Recommendations

So for this blog hop, I have to recommend three blogs I think everyone else should read.

I don't like to blog about serious stuff, I think the world is full enough of that junk as it is. I like to come here and relax or share a story and a laugh. I try to keep things leisurely here.

As most of the folks I've come across via these events are writers of literature, and are recommending other such folks (not that I have anything against that) I'm going to cover some other bases.

When I started blogging, it was kinda lonely because I didn't know where to go, who to read, or how to even find other blogs, outside of googling for them. Eventually I stumbled upon a few (and it wasn't via that stumbleupon website either.)

Like myself, these folks are just sharing thoughts and stories. They're not selling anything, they just have something to say.

Jim Sullivan (Suldog) does voice-overs for a living, loves critters, and plays softball. Hell of a guy, and can tell a story like it's his job.

With his tongue planted firmly in his cheek, Uncle Skip enjoys a good story, tells a good story, and has a great eye for photography. I know I just shared two blogs for him, but it's the same guy, and he could have just done it all on one blog... Just think of it like one blog, with two separated locations.

Buck is one of the nicest twice-retired guy (USAF and IT industry). I love to stop by his blog especially when I've had a long day at work, or I'm feeling a little tightly wound. He enjoys cigars and a wide array of beer and great music, often posting during happy hour with what he's drinking, and what's on the radio.

That should do it! Unfortunately three folks was the limit, and although I wouldn't get jailed or blackballed for recommending more, I think it wouldn't be fair to anyone whom I recommend, because there would be some who would get omitted... But if you liked these recommendations, when the blog-hop is over, drop me a line, and I'll point you in other directions that you'll enjoy!