Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Q - A to Z Blog Challenge

I've been thinking about Q for a few days now... Not sure what to say about Q. What CAN you say about it really? It's basically an O with a kickstand.

I thought about making a post tribute to Queen, cause they are one of the greatest most under-rated band of all time, but I figured I'd be in of at least a dozen to do that, or at least use the word Queen.

Printer queues are probably a bad subject cause most people would find such a post boring as all get out, and as an IT geek printer queues just infuriate me, cause you only talk about something like that unless it's not working right...

I have no particular feelings about Quebec. I mean, I hope things are going well for Quebec, but... meh?

I like it when it's quiet, but again, I bet there'll be a lot of "quiet" posts.

I guess my best bet for a subject that won't be over done, would be Quiche, but I hate that stuff... I absolutely love every single ingredient in Quiche, but for some reason, quiche disgusts me. It's like, an omelet cake... I just don't like it, and it boggles my mind! Doesn't make sense, cause like I said, everything in it is great! I'll admit that it's been a while since I've tried it, but I remember doing everything I could not to wretch when I tried it.

There's a street near me named "Quequechan" street, and I don't know how to pronounce it... kwickichan? kyoukyouchan? Kyoukuhchan??

I guess there really ARE a lot of words that start with Q as you can see here... But a ton of those words I don't know the definition of.

...and what a little freakin punk U is huh? Q can't get a moment to itself unless it's hanging out in a word that nobody who speaks English even knows! Poor Q can't go to parties with LMNO and P without dragging U along, and that's  a pain in the ass, cause then they'd need a car that seats 7... And we all know  that when it's time to pick the designated driver, it's NEVER U... is it.

... parting thought: Spellcheck tried to change LMNO to "Leno". I'm not even going to check Quequechan.