Friday, April 15, 2011

Meh. - A to Z Blog Challenge

Have you ever felt "meh"? It's not quite as good as "yeh!" but not as bad as "feh!"? It's a sort of halfway between anything that's clinically diagnosable. It's almost "whatever", but it's is more of an ambivalence.

In my opinion, the term "whatever" gets a bad rap (Or is it wrap? I had a bad wrap once, seafood salad on sun dried tomato. It was horrible. Too much mayo.) With all the teenie boppers and American princesses saying *tsk* "Whatavarr!" has really turned it sort of rude, when the word itself really just means... well. whatever. "This or that, whatever. *shrug*" right? Not anymore! It's more of a "Kiss my ass, no one cares" now, isn't it?

I'm a little tired. A little disinterested, but not entirely detached. Things are in auto-pilot. Everything's fine, and will stay fine even with just a little less than the usual amount of enthusiasm. I don't particularly want anything, and I won't spend the energy to get the irritating things to go away. For now, I'll let the annoyances do their thing, I'll deal with them another time.

It's a fine line though, I think. You start thinking "meh" and it can be a slippery slope (I hate that saying, but it's really perfect). You start caring about something that goes south, you'll find yourself "feh"ing left and right.

Short post tonight, cause... Meh.