Monday, April 4, 2011

Conlon - A to Z Blog Challenge

Conlon is apparently a relatively common last name in Ireland, I'm told. It's also said that there are more Irish folks in and around Boston than there are in Ireland these days.

Red Pollard was the jockey who rode the real Seabiscuit, and although he was not a Conlon, he married one, specifically my father's aunt. I never met him, and even if I had, I'd have been to young to remember, since he died when I was two. Still though, it was fun to go see the movie with family who had known him, and could point out the inaccuracies.

As far as I know, he's the closest thing to a famous Conlon to whom I am directly related.

Other Conlons of fame include the family... uh, Conlon... in "In the name of the Father".

Facebook sort of opened my eyes to how many Conlons, and more specifically how many MATT Conlons there are. I belong to a Facebook group named "My Name Is Matt Conlon." There are 28 of us. We like to joke that if we ever had a get together, we wouldn't have to introduce ourselves to anyone, because we'd already know each other's names.

This is our Coat of Arms. It's got a bird of some kind, I think a stork or a pelican and it's pecking itself in the chest and bleeding. Below is a tortoise. What the symbolism is, I have no idea, so if you do, please share!

Do you know any Conlons, real or imagined??