Friday, April 1, 2011

Actually... - A to Z Blog Challenge

So, I decided that in addition to my beer blog, I'd enter THIS blog in the A to Z challenge as well... that's right, two blogs where I'll be blogging every day for the month of April about something from A to Z.

Actually is a word I'd sometimes like to strip from my five year old daughter's vocabulary. My daughter is smarter than I am, you see... And she likes to remind me of it, every single time I say something.

"Pick up your toys," I say.
"Actually," she says matter-of-factly. "Those are not my toys, those belong to my sister."

"Time for bed," I say.
"Actually," she says in a tone that says Dear father whom I love but pity for your ignorance. "I still have to brush my teeth."

"Pick your doll up off the floor," I say.
"Actually," she says infuriatingly. "It's on a paper that's on the floor."

I could go on all day, but this challenge is huge, and I'll spare you the drudgery.

So yes. Actually implies that I am wrong, and my statement is not valid. It won't be long until she really is smarter than I am, but for the time being, I'd love to delete that word from her mental dictionary!