Monday, June 21, 2010

Super Powers

It's been a while since my last post, there's been some crap going on in RL that's had me a little bit bothered, so my muse has been absent.

Anyway, I am a big fan of the comic book movies, like Batman (the first one was good, and then they were all pretty bad until Batman Begins), and X-men, and all the others in between.

As any real geek has, I have had the discussion of what super power you'd pick. Favorites are always Telekinesis, Invisibility, Flight, etc... I've got two possibilities, personally. I can't decide between the two.

1) The ability to control Velocity.
One of my favorite villains is Magneto, he has the ability to control and manipulate metals. In the movies, he's shown ripping the iron from a man's blood. He took that iron and made little balls of metal that he propelled like bullets. How cool is that!

I got to thinking though, what power could have that control over things in addition to metals? Well, everything has a velocity, be it negative or positive or what have you... We're all accelerating toward the center of the earth as we speak, it's just that the earth is pushing back. That's gravity.

So what if you could control velocity? Objects at rest could be sent flying around, objects in motion could be stopped. It could also be done on a molecular level. Everything has molecules that vibrate, what if those could be made to vibrate faster? Things would just come apart.

Anyway, that'd be my power if I chose the path of a villain.

2) Biological control
Imagine having control over bodily functions of all living things? Think about all the possible uses!

You're at the train station, and some jackass runs by to catch a train and bumps into you. As he's running down the platform, BAM! He experiences an earth-shaking orgasm mid stride! Now... I'm not really one for giving other guys orgasms, but picture it. You know there's nothing else a guy can do while that's happening... The body freezes. He's bound to fall right off the platform.

Or when you're in public and someone is talking ridiculously loud on their cell phones, and BAM! Suddenly they can't stop belching into the phone.

You could also make someone belch, sneeze, cough, vomit, fart, itch, sweat, evacuate their bowls and or bladder all at the drop of a hat, and from far enough away that you get to watch, but don't get hit by anything.

That would be a super power suitable for either hero or villain, if you ask me.

What are you top two super power picks??