Monday, May 24, 2010

Migraine season

As if I spoke too loudly commenting over at Buck's place last week, I had the first migraine of the season last night.

It was hot, around 80°F, and the barometric pressure was around 29.8, which is prime migraine pressure for me. A perfect storm. As irony would have it, I had only a half a cup of coffee that morning.

I sat in my office goofing around with the family's laptop, removing Vista and putting the good 'ol Windows XP pro on there, and I'd just cracked my third Guinness of the evening, when I realized I couldn't see the second half of the word I happened to be reading, always the telltale sign of the throbbing to come.

I quickly consumed my Rx meds, as well as a few other things, as directed of course, washed it down with about a liter of coffee. Well, the meds and caffeine did their job, and I made it through relatively painlessly, actually, although I did get the usually numbness in the right arm, and lips and tongue. If course, that much caffeine meant I wasn't going to fall asleep either. I stared at the insides of my eyelids until shortly after 4:30am this morning. I woke with less signs of a migraine than I usually have the day after, but I've been rather surly all day.

Got up, drove the trash down to the end of the road for pick up, ran through the shower and got to work. Moments later, my wife ambled into my office looking for meds. She too came down with a migraine!