Monday, April 5, 2010


I'm sure you've heard, but just in case you spent the last couple weeks under a rock and hadn't heard (unless that rock was in New England, in which case you and your rock were probably washed away) it rained a whole lot around here. Roads were closed, houses were evacuated, basements were and still are being pumped out. It's been rather soggy.

Fortunately for us, we only had perhaps an inch or two of water in our basement. We've never had water before though, so there was never a reason for a sump pump, and now that we're in need, they're all sold out. At any rate, here's a picture of the back yard.

You'll notice out in the water a bit what looks to be a used-to-be-white wrought iron bench. That's exactly what that is. A couple of weeks ago, you could sit there, and look at the lake, although it was actually meant to block the space between the bushes in order to keep the kids away from the water.

The water that made it's way into the basement came up through a crack in the foundation. I'll be repairing that very soon. As I said, we had no pump, but I did have at my disposal a 20 gallon shop vac, and I put it to good use. The downside is that I had to lug it up a few stairs to empty it, at which point it was over 200lbs.