Thursday, March 11, 2010

I Remember...

I remember being sent to the store by my folks. I would walk in, buy a Boston Herald and a Boston Globe, two packs of cigarettes (for my folks, of course) and a scratch ticket. I was so young, I struggled to get those heavy newspapers home. At the time, we lived perhaps 200 yards from the store.

Now, I shudder at the thought of my kid being on a different floor of the house than I am.

I remember leaving my bike unattended and unlocked for days on end in my back yard, and never having to worry about whether or not it would still be there when I returned for it.

Now, I worry about people digging through my garbage and stealing my very identity!

I remember when there were public service commercials

Now, if there's no money to be generated, there'll be no commercials.

I remember when fast food was a bargain. Now it's just as expensive as going to a restaurant.

I remember when people would welcome new families to the neighborhood. Now, they just want to be left alone.

I remember when you could surf the net and enjoy it. Now if you're not careful, you can lose data or worse.

It's true that not all changes are for the worst, but these are the things I happened to be thinking of right now.

What do you remember?