Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Rain

I've been a fan of the rain for quite a long time, particularly when it comes with lightning and thunder. One thunderstorm I recall vividly, I was living in Brookline with my parents and two of my brothers. I was perhaps twelve at the time. We were all sitting outside on our covered porch along side busy Rt. 9, watching the rain come down in sheets. Even our cat sat at the edge of our open front door. We sat out and watched the rain and bolts of lightning.

It's a sobering, humbling experience. We sat there, watching mother nature's mild display of her talents, knowing full well it was but a fraction of what she's capable of.

The sun has always been a bit hard on my eyes, I get headaches from brightness pretty easily. The clouds during a storm do a great job of blocking that. I also take comfort in the white noise of the rain hitting the ground, the roof and trees around me. The lack of mosquitoes or other pests is also a benefit.

These days, my bones are a little creakier, my tolerance for the raw weather is a little lower, but I can still appreciate it under the right circmstances...

Like, from inside a warm, dry car.