Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Emails not arriving

Twice this week I've had clients complain that emails from outside their exchange organization stopped coming into their inbox. I went through a lot of troubleshooting only to find that the answer was far simpler than any kind of DNS misconfiguration or silly Exchange issue... Outlook's Junk mail rules. Both of these clients were set up like this:

The issue here is of course, two things. First, it's set to simply delete anything that is suspected of being spam. The second is that it's set to identify anything that was NOT put on the safe sender list as spam. Emails from senders they'd never set as a safe sender would be simply deleted before they ever saw them. Neither of these clients were likely to have made this setting change themselves, so I don't know what may have done it other than a Microsoft Patch, but I haven't looked into it.